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Introducing Bhubaneswar based Food delivery Startup company Quikgrab

Tell us a little bit about your startup

We are an early stage startup. We launched our services on June 10th 2018. In this short span of time we have managed to tie up around 37 restaurants across Bhubaneswar. We have already started witnessing traction in terms of orders and we see a steady growth in the number of people who have started using this service.

How did you come up with this idea and why this name?

This startup was started with the idea of introducing a food delivery app for the foodies of Bhubaneswar. Many a time we do not feel like cooking or are faced with a situation where we get unexpected guests. In these scenarios, the option is to either go to a restaurant or bring food from a restaurant near you. However, when you order for home delivery, you have no idea what state your order is in till it finally reaches you. The option of enjoying any food of your choice from restaurants across Bhubaneswar was simply not there. So we wanted to disrupt this and introduce a service where you could order from any restaurant of your choice and our delivery team would ensure that you get your food on time…. every time.

The name effectively means that you get to grab your bite as quickly as possible. That is ensured by our delivery team and our platform that tracks your order from the moment you place the order till it reaches you.

 What problem does your startup solve?

Our startup tries to address a very simple issue. As a foodie, I should be able to order from any restaurant of my choice. I should be able to see what state my order is currently in, whether it has been placed to the restaurant, if it is being cooked, or has been dispatched and on the way to reach me. Finally, no one likes to wait for his food to arrive. Our goal is to ensure that your food reaches you before your hunger sets in.

Tell us about your Team (Who are the founders and key team members).

The team comprises of 5 people who are the key members and founders of the platform.

Abhishek Srivastav – MCom from Utkal University, he is always looking to add more option for the foodies of Quikgrab.

Anwar Ul Haque – A great foodie himself, Anwar holds a MCOM degree. His main aim is to ensure that every foodie gets his food on time.

Sarvashrestha Tiwari – A MBA in marketing and HR, Sarvashrestha focuses on ensuring that foodies using the Quikgrab platform are incentivized every time they use the platform.

Swarup Saha – With a B.E. degree from Jalpaiguri Engineering College, he is the brain behind the platform. He ensures that users enable technology to smoothly order food from the comforts of their home.

Rajarshi Dasgupta – B.E. from Jalpaiguri Engineering College, he is always seeking ways to extend the platform that will whet the appetite of the foodies by bringing additional service choices.

What are the different challenges you are facing for operation?

Being a new concept in Bhubaneswar, restaurants are adapting to the whole new concept of managing orders through their dashboards. They see the benefit of going digital in the way their orders are managed and tracked till fulfillment. However, it will take time for all restaurants to come up to speed in the new digital way of managing orders. At this stage, we are hand holding them and in many cases calling them up to notify them of the order details. However, we are pretty confident that this shift of paradigm will happen soon.

Your vision and mission

Our vision is to be the largest platform in the area of hospitality, food and beverages.

Our mission is to ensure that culinary reaches the customer in its purest form in the shortest possible time.

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