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Startup by Odisha based NIT Rourkela in top 20 of Innovate for Digital India 2015 contest

Phoneix Robotix Startup NIT Rourkela Digital INdia innovate

Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd is a start-up incubated in TIIR Cell, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Specifically, they build Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Network products and services with an aim to connect thousands of cities and lakhs of industries to crores of people and the government. It has been successful in grabbing a position in top 20 teams for “Innovate for digital India 2015” which is organised byMyGov, DST, Intel and IIMA. Phoenix Robotix was founded by Mr Amiya Kumar Samantaray, Electronics and instrumentation engineering in the year 2014 August just after graduation. Agniva Das, Shashant Vijay, Akanksha Priyadarshini, Nataraj Sahoo, Asish Sahoo, Vikrant Sahoo, Narendra Dehury Ashutosh Sarangi and Tanjot Singh a team of graduates from different branches has been supporting Amiya to make “Make in India” dream come true. Currently it is a private limited company and growing fast.


Today India has become a place of 13 most polluting cities of the world’s top 20. In one side India has to move ahead with urbanization and industrialization in order to accelerate the growth and to satisfy the demand of its huge pollution, in other side it has to keep the environment healthy for the time to come. This socio-economical problem can only be solved by involving citizens of a country along with the push from government. Cities around the world like Chicago, Barcelona, Belgrade, Edinburg etc. have implemented the model of monitor, aware, involve and evolve mechanism in order to solve the problem of pollution. Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd. has come up with an end-to-end solution which can be quite helpful for India with economic and cultural differences. Their solution would not only be suitable for smart city development taking cities in the path of sustainable growth, but also helping citizen live an aware and secure life.


Offering a hardware plus software analytical platform for micro-level pollution monitoring in a city, AURASSURE’s hardware platform includes cost effective sensor networks fulfilling the need of a city like: Industrial monitors, stationary monitors, mobile sensors, and personal sensors. This customizable sensor network monitors different weather parameters (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Wind direction, Wind Speed, Rain fall) Air quality (Particulate matters, CO, NOx, SOx, Ozone etc.) and water quality parameters (pH, Turbidity, COD, BOD, Dissolved Oxygen etc.). These sensors are customizable according to the need with easy installation and minimum maintenance. This complete network is cloud connected and the data is being captured in the cloud server with 99% uptime.

AURASSURE software platform which enables data visualization and reporting for the cloud connected network is resilient and scalable. This system processes the raw data for better insights and stream to various analytics tools and interfaces. This analytical tool will empower city government to look each macro and micro areas in real time and develop a mitigation plan in order to solve the problem. This crowd sourced AURASSURE Software platform also includes mobile application and web forums which empowers every citizen to involve in this movement for awareness and lead a healthy life. The catch is, any cost effective device procured by any corporate houses, communities and people will contribute data to the city network adding more data points.


This small initiative can lead a city to become smart and driven by information. The public portal and the mobile application will enable citizens to not only have access to real-time environmental information, but also to provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing of personal observations. AURASSURE promises a collective development of the environment in purview of the limited resources. This helps the municipalities to plan for better traffic and the constructions going around the city. This enables a sound analytic prediction, vigilant alarm, targeted mitigation and better and immediate planning for smart city development.

Having qualified to the final stage of the Innovate for Digital India competition and gaining a spot among the top 20 entries from all over the nation, Phoenix Robotix is at the cusp of making history. In the next stage, where the top 10 teams selected via online voting will be given a development grant of INR 5 lakhs each. Further the teams will then showcase their functional prototypes to industry experts through a Prototype Day and receive feedback. In their endeavour to materialize an interconnected world with efficient and optimized processes, systems and operations for a better future, the team from Phoenix Robotix needs all the support that it can get.



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