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JustVish is back with a video on Olive Ridleys on Odisha coast often called Greatest Wildlife Show in India


Watch me witness the Olive Ridleys Mass Nesting at Rushikulya beach in Ganjam Odisha. This synchronized, large-scale nesting of these magnificent sea turtles is also known as Arribada. This spectacle of an event is a Must Do in anyone’s Lifetime and should not be missed. Rushikulya in Odisha happens to be one of the only few places in world where these turtles nest annually in such large numbers. This privilege also bestows upon us the responsibility to protect the Olive Ridleys during their annual maternity extravagance. Watch as wildlife expert Rudra Mohapatra guides me through this event and provides a wealth of knowledge about these primitive creatures.

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Olive Ridleys in Odisha coast : The Greatest Wildlife Show in India