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Daake Re – Biswa Mohanty : Don’t miss this video, you will forget the torture of so called Odia songs of Ollywood


Daake Re has been composed by Biswa Mohanty with his fellow activists and sung on the streets of Odisha during many movements and ‘yatras’ they were part of. A social activist/politician, Biswa Mohanty uses music to bring people together for social causes. The song talks about the “call of the motherland” to her people to work together for her Mukti (liberation), as has been done in history by those who made great sacrifices. The song finds relevance in many different contexts and times — from the freedom struggle to the current challenges like the environmental, economic, and political crises that the world is facing today. It calls for its citizens to break the shackles of Maaya (greed), unite and work towards true freedom of the land. Song by Indu Bhusan Mishra, Biswa Mohanty, and Subodh Pattnaik