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Odisha Police thinking about using Drones for surveilance of traffic flow and Crowd

Odisha police Drones firewings

Pic courtesy : Firewings

Times of India Writes :

Odisha Police may soon start using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to keep a watch on traffic movements and crowd during large gatherings from the sky. These auto-pilot drones loaded with global positioning system (GPS) and powerful camera can provide real-time pictures for better surveillance.

The UAVs can go to places difficult for humans to reach. They can fly over high buildings, trees, large crowd, accident-prone areas and disaster sites. The drones we have demonstrated runs on auto-pilot and can be operated through laptops and smartphones. They can cover a radius of 2.5 km and go up to 800 metres high. They can fly for 20 minutes at a stretch and send live images of target areas from high-definition cameras,” said Abhinash Sahu, co-founder of Firewings, a city-based startup that develops drones.

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