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Asmita Bal of Odisha wins Poster Design for TE3N, prize given by Amitabh Bachhan and Vidya Balan

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The cast and makers of forthcoming film Te3n -Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan, director Ribhu Dasgupta and creative producer Sujoy Ghosh -launched a new song, Grahan, from their film on Saturday However, the highlight of the event was the team felicitating the creativity of fans, who participated in the `Te3nitaround’ promotional campaign, launched about three weeks ago. The megastar had asked his fans to join the journey of Te3n, which releases on June 10, by coming up with innovative ideas to promote his film (through posters, videos, poems, games). After an overwhelming response to the campaign, winners from across the country were honoured in a special ceremony on Saturday, 4th of June, 2016. The campaign was crowdsourced by Talenthouse India Pvt. Ltd. Big B and Vidya interacted with the winners as their entries were put on display.
Asmita Bal, a visual communication designer from Odisha was one of the winners in poster design competition. Her winning poster is displayed in a billboard at juhu chowpathy, mumbai and many more places. She is currently located at mumbai with a professional work experience of over 10 years from various media houses in mumbai. She is born & brought up in Rourkela, Odisha. Married to Arun Kumar Swain from Kendrapara who is also an motion graphic artist. Asmita comes from a family of artists, her father Mr. Ashok Kumar Bal is an aw-inspiring theatre artist over 40 years and above and mother a school teacher and a great lover of art.  Asmita is also trained in Hindustani Classical Music and has begged a lot of prizes in music, art and theatre/drama.
Asmita says she loves and respects art and a life long lover & learner of art. When asked about inspiration: She says “My inspiration is my bapa, after all the hurdles he still manages to live his passion”.She also gets inspired from each and every form of art.  When asked about aim: She says I want to do something for the artist community in Odisha, but still figuring out the way to it. Odisha is full of talent but unfortunately the artist except few are not getting that scope and living comparatively which indirectly is affecting the creativity and productivity. When asked about the efforts and how was her reaction about the winning entry and event: She says undoubtedly you need to put effort in everything and anything you do. Similarly I have also made efforts and a lot of hard work. But never thought of awards and all. I just had one thought from very beginning that I want to make my parents proud and see the overwhelming smile on their face through whatever effort I do. A strong believer of God! and thank for everything. I guess, I have been able to make them proud till now and would always try the same. Its just the beginning, hope for more good things in future.

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