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Nalco to Partner with Odisha Government to set up first of its kind Aluminium Park

Nalco, in collaboration with Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO), is setting up the first of its kind Aluminium Park in Angul, the state government said on Friday. Investment to the tune of Rs 180 crore will be made on infrastructure of the project which is expected to generate 15,000 jobs.  Odisha currently contributes about 54 per cent of India’s total aluminium smelting capacity. “With the demand of aluminium expected to rise further, Odisha … Is setting up first of its kind Aluminium Park in Angul.

Spreading over 223 acres of industrial land, the Aluminium Park will create opportunity for downstream industries in aluminium sector,” the state government said in a statement.

Jointly developed by the Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) and National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco), Angul Aluminium Park will be the first project in the subcontinent with a facility to directly obtain molten aluminium from the smelter, the statement said.

The need for the project was felt as India’s aluminium consumption is growing at a compound rate of 15 per cent (year-on-year), making it one of the largest consumption markets in the world. “With an investment of Rs 180 crore for the infrastructure of the project, the aluminium park would reflect a complete industrial state-of-the-art entity, fully equipped with logistics infrastructure facility, an exclusive training centre, a park administration and a display and trade services facility,” the statement said. The park would also contain an Aluminium Product Evaluation Centre (APEC) furnished with a full-fledged tool room, testing, simulation and evaluation facilities, processing hall and prototype development facility to foster innovation and deliver excellence in terms of quality.

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