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Know more about Puri Jagannath temple rituals : Krushna Balarama Besha of Mahaprabhu by Prachites

The Krushna Balaram Besha is a very beautiful and attractive attire of the deities.On Bhadraba Krushna Trayodashi,after Madhyanna Dhupa,Shri Balabhadra is dressed as Balaram,Shri Jagannath as Krishna and Maa Subhadra as Yogamaya.The happy times of Krishna and Balaram with cattle during their childhood is clearly represented in this attire.The costumes and decorations used in this attire are prepared by expert craftsmen of Puri.

Most of the decorations used in this attire are prepared using Sola,Jari,Cane,Cloth and Kaintha gum etc.In this Besha,Shri Jagannath and Shri Balabhadra have teo hands each and Maa Subhadra has four hands.

Subhadra sits in Padmaasana on a wooden throne kept on Ratnasinghasan which is covered with decorations.Shri Jagannath is adorned with a tilted Kirita(crown) and he stands with crossed legs.He holds a flute and a lotus. Shri Balabhadra also stands with crossed legs and holds Singhaa in the right hand and lotus in the right.

The Kiritas are decorated with Kadamba flowers,Dedhi,Malla Kadhi,Chandra,Chita,Nakachanaa. Their hands are adorned with Haata Phera and Khadu.Their feet are adorned with Paunji(anklet),Banki,Paahuda and rings.Debi Subhadra’s four hands are in Abhaya Mudra,Barada Mudra,one holding Paasha and another Ankusha respectively.

The statues of Nanda,Upananda,Basudeba,Gopala Boys,Gopis,Bramhaa,Sahasrachakhyu Indra,Naarada,Rohini,Jashodaa etc. are arranged on both sides of Jagannatha and Balabhadra.Four cows and calves made of Pataa and Sola are kept infront of the deities.

The Sandhya Dhupa commences while the deities remain in this attire.Thousands of devotees have Darshan of the deities in this attire and feel elated.Mahaprabhu is offered Khiri and Amaalu in this attire.The Darshan continues till late night.After that the deities are undressed from this attire.Other rituals are completed and Pahuda is done.