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WAR : Documentary web series tells inspiring story of a young team from Jeypore Odisha working towards conservation of rich biodiversity of Koraput region.


This National Wildlife Day, award-winning film studio ‘BnR Films’ has launched the Trailer of its new Documentary Web Series ‘WAR: Rescue. Release. Repeat.’ This series tells the awe-inspiring story of a young team from Jeypore (Odisha) which is actively working towards conservation of rich biodiversity of Koraput region. In just 7 years, this team has rescued 6000+ Snakes, 200+ Mammals and 600+ Birds. And these numbers continues to grow. This inspired Award-winning filmmaker Biswanath Rath to make ‘WAR’; the first ever Documentary web series from Odisha on this subject which aims to create awareness on the conservation of wildlife and endangered species, plants.

Writer-Director Biswanath says, ‘Jeypore (Koraput district) being my hometown, ever since childhood, snakes, (especially Cobras) are a common sight for me and my family. Apart from Snakes, we are fortunate to have seen so many other wild animals like elephant, deer, bear, tiger and varieties of birds, plants. We take great pride in the fact that Koraput has got such a vast varieties of animals, birds, mammals, plants. However as we find ourselves in year 2018, deforestation has become commonplace and killing animals/birds is an everyday affair. This puts the rich biodiversity of Koraput region (Odisha) in grave danger. If this goes on, our next generation will only see these animals/birds in books, photos or videos. More importantly, with this, the whole ecosystem of an entire region goes for a toss.
In such a scenario, a young team called ‘WAR TEAM’ has brought back hope by waging a war to save wildlife and environment from exploitation. WAR TEAM stands for ‘Wild Animal Rescue Team on Environmental Awareness & Management’. This initiative was started by Mr. Krishna Keshaba Sadangi in 2011 because of his infinite love for wild, domestic animals. He is a young LLB graduate who has dedicated himself in wild animal rescue works. Tusar Patra, Susil Nayak, Rabi, Jaga Jena are some of the other active members in this team. Because of their hard work, dedication and sincerity, within 7 years time, this team has become a household name in Koraput. They also conduct awareness programs on conservation of wild life and environment.
Their works inspired me as this is a global topic and an international work which needs global recognition. SDG 15 or ‘Life on Land’ is one of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as defined by United Nations which urges people to increase global support for the fight against poaching and trafficking of protected species (animals, birds, mammals) and to promote the sustainable management of all types of forests, put an end to deforestation. In this context, the work carried out by War Team is mammoth and hugely significant and thus should reach a global audience.

This series, is a tribute to their indomitable spirit. It is our humble attempt at creating awareness on not just the awe-inspiring work of this team, but also on the challenges faced by the rich biodiversity of Koraput region which needs attention. Thanks to Krishna Keshaba and all members of WAR Team for their constant support and cooperation in all phases of this series; from Research to Post-Production. I also thank Mr. Prasant Rath, Pramod Kumar Rath and Archana Rath for their support in producing this unique series.
The response to our trailer is overwhelming and thoroughly encouraging. The audience are impressed by the trailer and are looking forward to the first episode. The first episode of this web series will be released on 1st October 2018 on the occasion of ‘World Wildlife Week’ (2nd-9th Oct 2018)

Biswanath Rath is the Founder & CEO of BnR Films LLP, a Chennai based Film Production company (co-founded by his wife Archana Rath) which produces Ad-Films, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Music Videos, Documentaries, Promotional Films, Short Films and feature films. All the ad-films/short films/music videos produced by the company (written-directed by Biswanath) have received numerous awards and recognitions in International film festival circuit. The studio’s very first short film ‘Kar Bhalaa’ (Hindi-Tamil) has received 2 Awards and 37 International Film Festival (IFF) Screening. It’s very first ad-film ‘The ‘Right’ Glass’ (silent) has bagged 2 awards and 49 International Film Festival screenings. Likewise, it’s very first International Music Video ‘Feel The Passion’ (English) has received 16 International Film Festival screenings till date. Out of total 133 International film festivals mentioned above, 101 festival screenings have taken place outside India (USA, UK, Italy, Paris, South America, Australia, Russia, Afghanistan and many other countries in Asia, Europe) where these films have represented India/Asia.

Presently BnR Films has got presence in Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Delhi. BnR Films aims to make films based on local content (Indian cultures, traditions, art and way of life) with global appeal. This includes feature films, social ad-films and documentaries on a wide range of subjects, concepts and themes.