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Featuring Digichamps : An Ed tech startup based out of bhubaneswar focussing on online schooling experience

  1. Please Provide a Brief Overview of Your Product/Service —  DigiChamps is the first of its kind an Ed-tech start-up based out of Eastern India. Conceptualised in the first quarter of 2016, it aims at creating an online schooling experience for the students around the world. Ideally, we believe that we can take schools online. Our team currently focuses on the creation of unique contents in the form of video that is pre-recorded classroom teachings. In short, this becomes a perfect amalgamation of teachers and animation. In all the contents that we develop, our research team sits down for hours to work down the crux of each and every concept and how we can relate it to our real life scenarios.
  2. What Inspired You to Build the Above Product/Service —  Belonging to the twenty first century and having an environment so good with technology where even a child of not more than 3 years being good with android phones, we thought of taking schools online as well. This could give the students a complete new experience of learning. The inspiration that drove us was the fact when tiny tots can sing bollywood songs so fluently even without understanding them, why can they not learn their study lessons? That was the time when we thought of making video lectures for the students of std 6-10 in such a way that they have all the activities and experiments related to the real life scenarios so that the children could understand, relate to and remember the concepts easily.
  3. Why did you choose the name : The name DIGICHAMPS because we are imparting education via the Digital media and we look at making every child a champion in studies. Hence we landed with this name.
  4. What’s in it for the customers ? : What better than having a year’s teaching recorded and accessible at any point of time? Digichamps will be a study buddy in reality. Not just video contents, but we also have a unique kind of a learning centre where we provide our future generation with all kinds of modern amenities like air conditioned classes, Wi-Fi connectivity and Tab based learning. Yes! Students enrolling with Digichamps will get all these facilities in a very minimal cost. So all that we have been trying to do is make education system better, simpler, convenient, affordable and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.
  5. What are your plans for next 3 years? : Till date, we have been meeting our goals that we fix by meeting the deadlines in the stipulated time frame. Hence we have already installed a learning centre in Chandrasekharpur with all the facilities needed and by God’s grace and our hard work we have been achieving our goals. Next, we are looking forward to opening a learning centre in Saheed Nagar as a result of huge demands from the students as well as the parents. Apart from Bhubaneswar we are aiming at opening up offline centres in the Tier 1 locations like New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata.
  6. What are you up to right now? : As of now we are completely focussed on our very offline centre that is located in Chadrasekharpur. We are working on smooth running of this centre and preparing ourselves for the next offline centre in Saheed Nagar. Up next we will be moving forward with the other tier 1 cities.


For details about the company, you can log on to and for any queries, you can write them down at [email protected] . To have a telephonic conversation with the team, one can give a missed call on 08030636331 or get in touch with them at 1800-212-4322.