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5th World Endoscopic Spine Society Congress All set to be hosted in Bhubaneswar

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Endoscopy is the latest trend of management in Medical & Surgical avenues. Endospine in the origin of latest concept of minimally invasive Spine Surgery with a mobile operating tube which has four holes for endoscope, suction tube, nerve root retractor and finally the one for operating instrument like punch and disc forceps. This technique can be used for all verities of disc Prolapse from central to far lateral and foraminal disc and even lumbar canal stenosis single to multiple level. Endospine follows the standard surgical technique as open and microsurgery that is posterior approach for lumbar spine and both anterior and posterior approach to cervical as indicated. The use of an endoscope in Destandau technique allows us to just sit on the laminae , the surgeon’s eye is focused right inside the body close to the problems . So it is of great advantage for obese patients. The greatest advantages being the nerve root retractor specially designed to avoid injury to nerve to alleviate the greatest tension and fear of both surgeon and patient.

The shortened access route gives aesthetic benefit, minimal tissue handling, reduces post-operative pain and allows rapid resumption of normal physical actives even sports. The training course will be under direct supervision of Dr Jean Destandau the pioneer of this endoscopic technique. Hands on plastic model will be used time specially devoted to instrument handling on phantom anatomical subjects to familiarize participants with this new approach and focus on initial learning difficulties.

We will try our best to provide hands on training on cadaver by Dr Destandau himself and group of eminent endospine surgeons.

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you warm heartedly to participate in the feast. We promise you impossible trinity-great live surgeries, entertaining interactive sessions and brilliant course content.

So block your dates on your calendar, book your tickets, pack your bags and rush to the SMART CITY-BHUBANESWAR, Odisha (India).

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