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Geriatric Care Centre Launched in Bhubaneswar

GEriatic center bhubaneswar buzz patrapada

SDF Geriatric Care Center (SDF GCC) in Bhubaneswar is a very young organization housing modern amenities plus age old yoga and meditation for the aged who rightly deserve to live the rest of their lives in happiness and pride. The GCC in Bhubaneswar is a boon for the old age parents who want to be independent and want to spend their silver years peacefully.


GCCs have rooms with T.V., telephones, wi-fi connectivity to enable the inmates to chat with their loved ones and be in touch with every day happenings, etc.


It intends to depict a feeling of warmth, comfort and trust. It plans to instigate a feeling of hope into the lives of elderly, eradicate insecurity and loneliness from their life through a new concept of living.
With the concept of “I CAN LIVE MY LIFE”, SDF GCC facilitates an active life with necessary facilities and positive approaches for the senior inmates.The seniors celebrate a life free from duties and responsibilities.
We hope to remove fear and worries from the mind of children who live thousands of miles away from their parents living in the SDF GCC by providing a secured and caring environment for their elderly progenitors.


The Geriatric Care Centre is located at 5, Kunjal Gardens, Patrapada, at a walk able distance form AIIMS Hospital. “SENIORS” is completely away from the rush and hustle of the city life and hence provides a peaceful and calm environment. The Geriatric Care Centre has facilities to meet all day-to-day needs. The senior citizens can find similar people of their age and type to mingle with and socialize.