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Suggestions to Odisha Tourism for Improvements

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The article is a collection of ideas on how to improve Odisha tourism. Let us know your ideas via comments and Contact us page or Email us too so that we can send it to the concerned.

Ajay Rout suggests:

First rope in an icon then unleash the media blitzkrieg. Hv a robust media n Mktg plan.Look what Guj did by roping in AB

Devasis Sarangi Suggests:

first start with high resolution pics of all ur tourism assets with catchy one liner, then get key tourism assets like beaches & waterfalls photographed sunrise by drones

Aditya Panda says:

Learn, understand & emulate wildlife tourism from two states: MP & KA

Umashankar Says:

Odisha has culture and food. They need to add fun in the mix.

Soumyajit Says:

Just thinking of !!!! how about promoting agro tourism in our state!!! rural tourism, farm tourism too

Aditya kiran nag says:

show Orissa is much more than the puri-konark-bbsr circuit. yes how many know about karlapat or say the human temple at sbp or even the temples at Sonepur. Thy are older. not to mention street food of cuttack

Dhiren Behera Says:

Please show the connectivity to the places around Odisha with air, rail and roads in a single frame.Recently visited Gujarat Saurastra region. Excellent connectivity. But realized, Odisha’s places are more eye catching. Mixing the religious places & natural beauty complimented with great connectivity & culture the theme for digital media adv.

Amrita Sabat Says:

Excellent.Actually der’s so mch 2 write dat I agree wid :plz giv an email ID

Ashwas Priyadarshan says:

I guess all of u vl agree dt we have betr beaches dan any other state

Shashwat Panda says:

an email id wouldb awesome! twitter sometimes limits ideas2 140 chars

Xenosys says:

1.for any digital media plan, the 1st need is- awesome content writers and managers

2.Also equally imp is some1 in the team with vast local knowledge(places, ppl, etc)

3.Add2 that knowledge, expertise 2tap in2 the limitless potential of social media,n u have a winner

4. western Odisha has HUGE tourism potential.


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Anita Says:

Seriously! Much 2 b shared. Don’t wish strategy/info 2 b public property! open4all!