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KIIT International Model United Nations – The Glory is Real by Ria Dash

“Diplomacy is the art of listening to the other person. Preserving your own position, and yet listening to the other person. You have to develop relationships with other people so that when the tough times come, you can work together.” – Colin Powell.

In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depend of all elements of our power- including strong and principled diplomacy, which, in turn, is the art of restraining power. Establishing the stronghold in its maiden year itself, KIIT MUN was able to uphold the caliber of its diplomats and its commitment to make an impact, and since then, the event has been setting the benchmark a little higher with every edition. The 6th edition is scheduled to be simulated from 28th to 30th of September 2018. The KIIT MUN insignia has garnered support, collaborations and acclaim worldwide, which has made it the largest MUN Conference in the world. Bloggers all over MUNPlanet and Quora believe that KIIT MUN is what we call a “once in a lifetime” experience. The conference has escalated to that point of eminence which can only be surpassed and not descended from. It aims at bringing about a revolution in the Model UN sphere that becomes the axis, the pivotal role which contains the capacity to unleash something big – a change for the betterment of the humanity unfettered by disturbances – for the people, by the people. We aim to provide our delegates a platform to master diplomacy and put forth their ideas to eradicate an impending crisis and establish the Utopia they want to coexist in.