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Introducing Bhubaneswar based startup Online Grocery Shopping

Tell us a little about your Start Up:

At ViaGrocery we offer our customers a hassle-free online grocery shopping experience in Bhubaneswar. With over 1000 products and over a 100 brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for Right from Rice and Dals, Spices, Branded Foods, Beverages, Home needs and Personal care products we have it all. No more buying products with MRPs, no more standing in long queues, No more heavy bags. Save your time and money by shopping from

How can customers use our service?

Just visit, browse the products add to your cart and checkout. That’s all, sit back in your home and relax we will deliver your order to your doorstep in no time.

Running an online shop and understanding the current market situation along with that people demands constantly changing. This requires a deep market study and a

How did you come up with this idea?

Looking into the current lifestyle of people where mobiles and laptops becoming lifeline of everyone’s life. But still people are still struggling to get good quality grocery, personal care and household products at cheaper price, wasting their weekends on long queues in supermarkets. We surveyed and tried to understand the difficulties and concerns of people specially senior citizens, working couples and homemakers. Then we come up with to address these challenges.

Challenges we faced to get it started?lot of research. Making people familiar with our website, building a user friendly navigation which must be capable of handling all real time issues is time consuming. The major challenge is managing an inventory of all products and delivers it to people within a specific time slot. This required a lot of system integrations and man power. It won’t be wrong if we say working as start-up is not easy sometime confusing as well, buts that’s the way viagrocery team is growing and learning and would continue to do so.

How it would affect people’s life?

Now weekends would be family time no more buying at MRPs, no more standing in long queues , no more carrying heavy bags and no more paying charges for carry bags. We are here to provide a smooth easy way to fulfil your daily grocery needs. No matters where you are! at office, out of city or out of country leave it on us.  We will deliver your grocery needs to your family staying in Bhubaneswar.


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7205123211

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