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Yagyaseni : Be your own Durga – An attempt by Bhubaneswar based amateur film makers


Yagyaseni , literally meaning, the girl born out of fire , is the other name of Princess Draupadi .Draupadi like Helen of Troy has been often condemned of initiating a war, the Mahabharat. She is believed to have rinsed her hair with blood of her offender in order to rinse her off the chaos caused by the humiliation that she faced.Mahabharata can be said to be the ultimate battle to vindicate a woman who was stripped off her dignity in a populated court room of the King, in the presence of great warriors and gurus. In the recent years we have come across a ton of cases where the Gurus turn into predators, molesting and raping minors while often the families support them blindly. Isn’t it ironic that one Ram (Ram Chandra Chhatrapati ) gave his life to show the true face of another Ram (Ram Rahim ) who was no less than Ravan pretending to be a sadhu in diguise ? It is important to see beyond the mask and unfollow religious beliefs that can become threat to the harmony and peace of human civilization. When the courageous lady in Kerela hacked off the genital of a Guru , she raised weapon to defend the dignity of women from across the globe. She became the goddess who crumpled the devil and showed it its place. It is important to raise the weapon against evil every time the dignity of a woman is at stake. Be it Mahabharata or the case of the Kerela woman, both the wars are nonetheless inevitable while the latter certainly deserves much more respect , for she fought her battle in a closed room , all alone , being her battalion against the assaulter.