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A nice video on trip to Chandragiri – Jeerang Mini Tibet of Odisha and exploring food options nearby by Foodfindo


Hey there ! In search of Tibetian Cuisine..we set out to JEERANGO ! It is which also called the mini Tibet of Odisha. However during this time of the year nothing much authentic is available in Jeerango. However, the road trip helped me explore some popular food joints that are enroute Chandragiri.

Odisha is full of surprises. A beautiful coastal state on the Eastern Belt of India, Odisha is a myriad of colors. The state boasts of a beautiful coastline, lush green mountains, one of the coldest places in this part of the country and a culinary treasure to match some the best in the world. For a long time a road trip was on my mind and me & Alka needed a much needed break from our schedules. Chandragiri & Jeerango always fascinated me and I wanted to go there someday. It was definitely there in my bucket list but I was not getting the right kind of motivation to actually go out and enjoy the beautiful place. My senior from School and a fellow Youtuber, Rachit Kirteeman from Grumpy Chef made a video of the place and it was the required kick I needed to let my wanderer soul let loose.

When the Tibetans seeked refuge in India, the government allotted this piece of fertile land for the settlement of the Tibetans. Jeerango is a quaint little Tibetan Settlement in the lush green mountains of the Eastern Ghats. It boasts of the largest Buddhist Monastery in South Asia.

Lamas from North East and abroad live in the monastery. The colorful flags and the lush green outdoors make it a visual delight for someone traveling to Jeerango during the monsoons and the winters. Though we could not find what we were looking for, we ended up having some star dishes and visiting some pretty popular places that serve great food. Follow our journey while we explore the beautiful Southern Odisha.