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Heard about Charu Maa : a super courageous woman from the village of Gundalba who restored an entire forest cover?



On 29th October, 1999 the Odisha Super Cyclone struck Odisha causing large scale devastation killing around 50000 people. There are many stories of destruction, grief, struggle and survival in this period of devastation. “Hausla Na Ruthe : The Stories Untold” depicts one such story of ‘Charu Maa’, a super courageous woman from the village of Gundalba, Odisha who refused to give up and led a group of women to fight against nature’s fury and restored an entire forest cover that got destroyed in the 1999 Odisha Super Cyclone. This Video is a humble tribute to the undaunted spirit of these Bravehearts.

Actors : Ila Arun, Pushpa Panda, Anu Choudhury, Linkan Pattnaik

Concept and Direction : Snehasis Das

Lyrics : Pinky Poonawala

Composers : Sanjoy Dazz and Ambar Das

Vocalist : Konark Sarangi ( )