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Watersports facilities including Kayaking, Water scooter starts in Pitamahal Dam Rourkela

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The Pitamahal dam in Sundargarh can now boast of its adventure water sports facilities, with thousands thronging the dam to enjoy boat rides, water scooter trips and kayak journeys in the reservoir.

The project, which was launched by scuba diver Sabir Bux, on the occasion of Republic Day, aims to promote tourism in the region and cage fish farming in the state.
In a press conference held on Saturday, at Rourkela, Bux spoke of the unique water sport opportunities provided by the facility. “On the first day, more than 20,000 people came to the Pitamahal dam to enjoy rides at the reservoir,” he said.
The state government had earlier given its approval to the project which combines cage fish farming with water sport and adventure tourism in the reservoir.

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