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Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India organized Laghu Adi Mahotsav a handicrafts exhibition in bhubaneswar

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation Of India Limited (TRIFED), established on 6th August, 1987 and is function under Administrative Control of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India. TRIFED has its Head Office in New Delhi and 14 Regional Offices all over the country including TRIFED Regional Office, Bhubaneswar. Odisha, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are under the jurisdiction of Regional Office Bhubaneswar.

TRIFED is established for marketing development of Tribal Products such as Minor Forest Product & Tribal Handicraft Products, by offering best remunerative price to the Tribals. The objective of TRIFED is to promote the tribal products and socio-economic development of the tribes. TRIFED has been Imparting Training to the Tribal artisans to enhance their skills to produce better artefacts to match the latest market trends so that the tribal artisans get better price thereby improve their economic conditions and standard of living.

TRIFED established a chain of Retail Showrooms with the name and Title of “Tribes India” for marketing of Tribal Handicrafts through 87 showrooms all over India. TRIFED also organises the Exhibitions, Mega and Mini Events by inviting Tribals Artisans from all over India for their participation in the stalls allotted to them not only free of cost but also pay them TA / DA expenses etc. Thus TRIFED provides a wider range of platforms to sell their products with a direct link & contact with customers, from whom the artisans gets inputs like latest market trends and the products that are in demand, which ultimately helps the tribal artisans to make the products accordingly to match the taste of the customers so that those products are sold and gives them immediately returns.

TRIFED is committed to the cause Tribal Development by Marketing of Tribal Handicrafts not only in the domestic market but also in the international market by participating in the Exhibitions, organised by the Government and other organisations. This way TRIFED not only promotes the Tribal Art and Crafts but also preserves the Rich Indian Cultural Heritage for the next generation.

TRIFED Regional Office Bhubaneswar is focusing more on its jurisdiction of the eastern zone of India. TRIFED have 8 categories of products which include Tribal Textiles, Tribal Jewellery, Gifts & Novelties, Tribal Paintings, Metal Crafts, Cane & Bamboo products, Stone Pottery, Organic & Natural products.

TRIFED Bhubaneswar has 3 showrooms of Tribes India, One at Shop No. L-1, Ekamra Haat, Exhibition Ground, Unit – III, Bhubaneswar the Second One at F-36, Madhusudhan Marg, Birsa Road, Rourkela- 796001, Odisha, and the third one is at TRIFED office ground floor Alok bharti building, bda complex , Sahid nagar, BBSR 751007.These  Showrooms are now ready new look, reopening today and showcases the wide range of all India Collection of Tribal Handicraft Products, especially Sambalpuri Sarees, Ikkat Sarees, Kanta Work Sarees, Tassar Sarees, Bagh Print Sarees, Traditional Dress Materials, Shirts, Kurtas, Kurtis, yoga mat, curtains and many other tribal products.

Today, TRIFED is also inaugurating a 7 Days exhibition Laghu Adi Mahotsav in Kasturba Nari Mahal , Unit-1 , Bhubaneswar. All the Tribes India Showrooms have the Authentic, Unique, Genuine, Exclusive, Excellent collection from all over India especially from Odisha and West Bengal. In other words Pan India collection is availability at one place in Tribes India Showroom. People of Odisha particularly Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Rourkela may visit avails inaugural discounts up to 40%. The products have the authorised quality assurance.

In addition to the above, TRIFED is working for empowerment of Tribals who are dependent on collection of Minor Forest Produce. There are about 10-12 Crores of tribal population in the country where about 5 Crores are dependent upon collection of MFP (Minor Forest Produce) for their livelihood. So the Government of India has introduced a Minimum support Price Scheme for them to ensure Minimum Support Price to the tribal people, which create a large scale Livelihood opportunity for the MFP Gatherers and expanding empowerment of tribal people especially for women. TRIFED has also introduced the MFP Net portal (WWW.TRIFED.IN & WWW.TRIBESINDIA.COM) which is drafted to act as an attachment and a channel for achieving the objectives of the scheme of Minimum Support Price for Minor Forest Produce (MSP for MFP). This portal provides information about TRIFED, MFP trade in India, marketing prospects for MFPs, MFP development training, MSP for MFPs and its current status and TRIFED’s retail marketing activities. The main objective is to ensure fair prices to MFP gatherers who are mainly tribals, enhancing their income level and ensuring sustainable harvesting of MFPs.

TRIFED has been imparting training in scientific collection and sustainable harvesting of Minor Forest Products for ensuring quality collection, Protection and preservation of the MFP Tress as well as value addition of these MFP for earning higher income generation. TRIFED is working towards establishment of 1000 Value Addition Centres in the Tribal Areas in association with State Government so that Tribal People will get direct benefit of Value Addition and raise their Income Levels. On behalf of government of India, the  Ministry of Tribal Affairs is acting as Nodal Ministry, TRIFED is appointed as the Nodal Department at Central Level; And the Department of Tribal Welfare in the State of Odisha is the Nodal Department at the state level and Tribal Department Cooperative Cooperation of Odisha Limited (TDCCOL)  & Forest Development Corporation of Odisha Limited are nominated as state level Implementing Agencies for implementing this prestigious scheme of MSP for MFP introduced by the Government of India. The salient features of this scheme are that the Government of India contributes 75% and the state Government only 25% in releasing the funds for implementation of scheme. In case of losses incurred in the scheme, the government of India reimburses the loss to the extent of 75%. This scheme is under implementation in almost 21 states all over India.

TRIFED is committed to the cause of promotion Marketing Development of Pan India Tribal Handicraft Products and especially of Odisha and West Bengal. As a part of its activity, TRIFED is inaugurating a 7 days exhibition at Kasturba Nari Mahal, Unit-1, and Bhubaneswar showcasing all the tribal products. The exhibition will be held from 30th May to 5th June 2018 from 11 AM to 8 PM and Card transaction like credit card, debit card etc are also valid in the exhibition.

TRIFED is committed to the cause of promotion Marketing Development of Tribal Handicraft Products and especially of Odisha and West Bengal at the same time marching ahead towards empowerment of about 5 Crores of MFP Gatherers in association with all the State Governments with a Noble Cause.