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A cricket museum by Saroj Ranjan in Cuttack is attracting fans in Odisha, heard about it yet?

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Saroj Ranjan, a cricket fan, has become a centre of attraction these days in Cuttack.

Ranjan has a collection of various cricket accessories including bat with signatures of various cricketers, jersey, hat, helmet, balls used by players of India, Pakistan, England, Australia, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

He keeps the entire stuffs in a room at his home which appears like a museum.

Ranjan has been collecting the cricket accessories for the past 34 years.

Ranjan’s interest in cricket grew after World Cup 1983.

Many cricket fans lauded Ranjan for his effort and he was also honoured by various organisations for the same.

Ranjan is planning to set up a cricket museum to showcase his cricket collections to the people of other countries.

Courtesy : ANI