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Pro Sport Development providing underprivileged & tribal youth in Odisha with recreational sport

pro sport

Pro Sport Development is providing the underprivileged and tribal youth in the state of Odisha with regular recreational sport since 2012.
Now with 250 children participating on their sports programs, they are planning to equip them with sports shoes.  Be a part of this worthy cause by donating to their online-crowd funding campaign and help these children get what they deserve. 

Pro Sport Development is currently working on the Khel Vikas project. Khel Vikas, which literally translates to “sports development”, seeks to provide the underprivileged and tribal youth in the state of Odisha access to participation in regular recreational sport. Moreover, Khel Vikas seeks to support highly talented and motivated athletes in their quest to achieve sporting excellence. ProSportDev is implementing the Khel Vikas project in partnership with globally renowned rural development organisation, Gram Vikas. The project is currently working with tribal children in these Gram Vikas residential schools and also within their local communities.

After two years, we now have 250 athletes regularly participating in our after-school sports programs which comprises of Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Athletics etc.. However, most of them do not access or can afford shoes because of their financial background. Pro Sport Development is planning to fulfill this sporting need by providing them with good quality sports shoes that will last for a long time. We started a online crowd-funding campaign to raise funds and provide the athletes with long-lasting shoes.

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