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ESSAR Foundation : Taking healthcare to remote corners of Odisha


Odisha, the Rallegadda Panchyat in the district of Malkangiri faces a dearth of healthcare and medical assistance. The area has limited access to healthcare professionals, and the nearest doctor is 20 kilometres away. For most inhabitants of the village, travelling to the closest clinic can take up the good part of a day, which means two things – travelling expenses and losing half a day’s wages.

To tackle this issue, Essar Foundation decided that if the village could not get to a clinic, the clinic would come to the village. The Foundation is aware of the fact that the people in the area suffer from diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, water-borne diseases, as well as malnutrition in some cases. The Foundation has since organised multiple health camps to help eradicate these issues, and provide relief and awareness in Malkangiri.

In January this year, one such health camp was organised in Palankarai village of Rallagedda Panchayat. The health camp, held in partnership with Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT), served the healthcare needs of over a 100 villagers. The camp was organised on a Wednesday, to coincide with the haat (weekly market). This ensured that people from nearby villages who visited the market were also able to participate in the health camp.

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