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Now Public Toilets in Bhubaneswar to have Online Feedback Device to ensure cleanliness

Public toilet bhubaneswar buzz online feedback

The civic body here has started installing an online feedback device outside public toilets across the city to ensure cleanliness.

The move aims to get direct feedback from residents regarding the maintenance of the toilets to help Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation address the issues raised.

The device will have three buttons – red, yellow and green. If users find the toilet dirty, they can press the red button. If it’s clean, they can press the green button and in case of a neutral feedback the option is a yellow button.

The device will be connected through cloud computing, and the feedback will be stored at a central database at the civic body’s headquarters. “Every public toilet in the city has a code. The feedback will enable us to track them and do the needful for respective toilets,” said deputy commissioner of the municipal corporation Srimanta Mishra.

The corporation has decided to install the devices in a phased manner.

“Today, we installed 10 such devices and will finish installing another 35 by the end of next week. We will install around 55 such devices at public toilets across the city. The devices will help us get views of the citizens and address the issues in a transparent manner,” said Mishra.

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