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A virtual tour of beautiful Dhenkanal Laxmi Puja Pandals via the lens of Ashwas


The history of Laxmi Puja at Dhenkanal is more than 50 years old. The colourful decoration, temporary markets, music & dance programmes etc. are the part of this Puja celebration which continues for 11 days starting from Kumara Purnima. It now becomes a traditional grand yearly celebration in which people from all religions, castes, tribes participate in it. At last a grand combined procession & crackers competition are being organized on the immersion day. Thousands of people not only from Dhenkanal District, but from whole State come to Dhenkanal to enjoy the Laxmi Puja during this festive time.

Here is a beautiful virtual tour of the pandals of Dhenkanal through the lens of Ashwas

Gateway to the grand celebration..

Krushna Bazaar


Bus Stand

Ganesh Bazaar

Kaibalya Sahi Deula Bazaar

Mahabir Bazaar

Lakshmi Bazaar

Jawahar Chowk

Meena Bazaar

Kanchan Bazaar

Ananda Bazaar

Baji Chowk

Chandan Bazaar

Karigar Sahi

Radhakrushna Bazaar

Deula Sahi

Jubilee Town

One of the most beautiful idol of Maa Lakshmi from Deula Sahi