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Know more about Puri Jagannath temple rituals : Krushna Janmastami Rituals inside Shrimandir by Prachites

On Bhaadraba Krushna Ashtami, Today after completion of Sandhya Dhupa,Jaya Bijaya Dwara is closed.Sudha Suara Sevak cleans the area infront of the door of Bhandara Ghara.After that Pujapanda draws Mandala using five colours of Muruja.Sasthi Devi resides in the Mandala.After that a Bhadra Mandala is drawn and a Peethasana made of Sal or Shriparna wood is arranged near it.A traditional painting is kept over it.This painting is called Janma Patti.

After that Garbhagruha is cleaned and Sudhasuara arranges Puja near the Mandala.Pujapanda,Pati Mohapatra,and Mudirasta sit together and read the Sankalpa Bakya.After that Baruna Puja is done.A golden coin with the image of Krushna carved on it is kept on the Janma Patti.After that the nearby area is cleaned and nine Panti Bhogas are offered along with flower ornaments and Chandan in Panchaupachar.After that Madanmohan is brought to the Singhasan by Mahajan Sebaks and there he receives Agyanmaala from Mahaprabhu.After that he is placed to the east of Janma Mandala by Mahajan Sevaks.The food offerings are kept infront of Mahaprabhu.Pujapanda assumes Madanmohan to be infant Krushna in Devaki’s womb and completes Puja using Balagopala Mantra.At the end of the Puja,he washes the feet of Madanmohan using turmeric water kept in a silver container.To settle all odds,Pujapanda offers a mixture of Jeera,Nutmeg,Clove,Tajaptra,sweet and pure ghee.After that Mudirasta offers yellow clothes,Chandan and Dayana leaves.This is called Garbhodaka Puja.After that two Mahajan sevaks dress up as Debaki Basudeba and enact the birth of Krishna at Janma Chakadaa.After that Mudirasta conducts Prasaad Lagi.Palia Mahasuar provides milk,butter and Gandusha powder which is offered to Madanmohan by Sarpaamanohi and after that he offers Karpura Alati.

After that Madanmohan is seated in a sleeping position on a silver plate and is carried by Mahajan sevaks and they reach Bhubaneswari temple inside the inner complex of Shrimandir.It is assumed as the river Jamuna.One Pujapanda sevak stops the Mahajans and asks the their identity.At that time Madanmohan is seated normally(standing) in the silver plate.This signifies that Shri Krishna showed his actual form to Ugrasena,and the Pujapanda sevak acting as Ugrasena bows to him out of devotion and respect.Behera Khuntia holds a seven hooded Basuki snake idol over Madanmohan.After that he is taken to Nabhikata Mandap in a procession.

There,Pujapanda sevak gives Basudhar and cuts Shri Madanmohan’s amical cord using Kusha and offers Panchaamruta Mahasnana.Pujapanda utters the name Krishna in the ear of Madanmohan marking the naming of Krishna.After that Annapraasanna is done.Outer Nishkraman and Chudakarana are also done.Then Madanmohan is dressed and is offered the sacred thread.Since Shri Krishna is born to slay Kansa,therefore he is offered Arghya and Pushpaanjali.After that he is seated in a swing and is offered Shitala Bhoga.After that some other small rituals commence and Krushna Janma Leela rituals come to an end.