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Jhulana Jatra : The Swing festival of Mahaprabhu Jagannath – a blog

Jhulana Jatra is celebrated from Shravan Shukla Dashami to Pratipada for 7 days in Sri Mandir. For this ritual, silver gina(a bowl shaped utensil) is brought from Bhandara Ghara, Ghatuari servitor provides Chandan and Bhandar Mekap servitor provides the alankaras. Mandua and other materials are also supplied during this period. 15 servitors are required for the smooth conductance of the rituals.

On Shravana Shukla Dashami, that is today after the completion of Madhyanna Dhupa, the Gambhira (Sanctum Sancturom) is cleaned and Khuntia servitor calls upon the Puspalaka servitor. Taking the Hatuani(water for washing hands) from the Garabadu servitors, Pushpalakas do the Mailam of Sri Jews. Palia mekap Servitor carrying the Chandan provided by the Ghatuaris in silver ginas (bowls), pass it on to the Pushpalakas. After the Sarvanga Chandana, the Besa of the Lords gets completed. During this period, Sridevi and Bhudevi get seated upon the Khata Seja (the Cot) present on the Dakhinighar premises and then Madanamohana is brought upon from Dakhinighar and get seated upon the cot, Then the three deities get dressed up by Mahajana Servitors. After the besa gets over,Pujapanda servitor offer three pieces of Mandua as Sarpamanohi and getting it treated as a prasad.Then bhoga is offered to the other deities present inside Dakhinighar. Then the three deities visit Ratnasinghasan amidst the Chamu Dihudi .There Puspalaka offers Karpoora (Camphor) to the deities and does Sandhya Alati near of the Sri Jews. Then one of the Pujapandas, takes Hatuani and offers the Agyanmaala from the right hand of the Mahaprabhu Jagannath to Madanamohana and from left hand of the Lord offers two Agyaanmalas to Sridevi and Bhudevi. Then amidst the Chamu Dihudi, The deities march upon to the Jhulana Mandapa Doli(Swing) through Jagamohan, Batadwar in the hands of the Mahajana Servitors. After being seated upon the Swing the deities are offered Bidia (Paan) .

After the completion of the Sandhya Dhupa Rituals inside the Temple. Sudha Suar servitors put water and Asthana pratihari servitors tie the Tera (Screen) and Pujapandas offer the Sitala bhoga to the deities through Panchopachara. After the Bhoga rituals, Mudirasta completes Vandapana ritual and after the completion of Chandanalagi of the Lords in Ratnasinghasan,Mahajanas do the Mailam of the deities in the Jhulana Kunja and make them return back to their respective places that is Sridevi and Bhudevi returns back to Ratnasinghasan and Madanamohan returns back to Dakhinighar. In this manner, 7 days long Jhulana Jatra is celebrated in Srimandir.