Bhubaneswar Buzz

Navispeer came up with an unique idea to prevent children from missing in the surging crowd at Ratha Jatra, Puri


These days our society is predominantly run by technology. Navispeer strives to one such technology company which can improve peoples lives. Their concern about the increasing missing cases of small kids due to the heavy congression of crowds on the occasion of Bahudayatra of Lord Jagannath led to Navispeer coming up with an idea of providing these kids an I-card sling having the contact details of the parents or guardian on their neck and a wristband at “Shreekhetra” to tide off the fear and ascertain their security. As a result, the parents or their near and dear ones will be able to locate their kids easily. “Navispeer” is also providing such GPS attached I-cards to all school students and these are welcomed by one and all. Its uses are now prevailing in most of the schools.