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Introducing Startup Hotpots – Revolutionary Food Delivery App

Every day we wake up, start our daily mission and try to feed ourselves with whatever resources we have. Food refuels us, gives us the energy to do daily activities. We all know that food is very important part of our life. Let us remind that we must strict on our balanced diet routine as much as possible because that’s the way people should live so that they can fight back against all diseases and life hazards.

We carry on our life following daily dull routine days after days. Suddenly our mind protests and makes a way to end this suffocation and we take a vacation. We become refreshed, rejuvenated and again go back to our daily mission. We look good and feel good.

Like the mind, we must give relief to our taste-buds too, so that we should not lose our appetite or stop consuming boring healthy balanced diet. We have all our food cravings. Tasty, yummy, mouth-watering food excites us and changes our moods in a fraction of seconds. Food is magic.

We all need change—- change in food criteria too. Any kind of delicacies like exotic Chinese cuisine or traditional Indian dish is just one tap away now. We have the variety of around 5000 food items.  Like big cities, people of Bhubaneswar can relish their favorite food at cozy , comfort home place through ’Hotpots’ app.

What Inspired You to Build the Above Product/Service —

A few years before. one flight took off from Bhubaneswar carrying one son of Odisha and reached abroad. He stayed there, finished his study, got his job and started to earn. He never stopped to visit his homeland whenever it was possible.

Due to the timing of his visit, he witnessed that there is no proper food delivery system running in Bhubaneswar. He got shocked seeing that his hometown is deprived of world-class facilities where the whole world is moving forward taking the advantages from the introduction of the internet. Years on years, even the big cities of India has moved forward and in comparison, Bhubaneswar has lagged behind.

He decided to make it different and started to seek the people like him. Surprisingly, he discovered bright, young, energetic guys one after another who are determined to develop Bhubaneswar as well as make their own living. And thus hotpots formed and started to take off on 10th November 2017.

Why did you choose the name ‘Hotpots’?

People love to relish good quality food. Maybe it is Paneer butter masala or schezwan noodles, no matter what category is, food is always tasty when it served on the hot pot. So the name was born.

And it’s quite attractive to hear also. Don’t you think it too ???

What’s in it for the customers?

Hotpots has done the partnership with more than 35 restaurants from high standard famous restaurants to exotic new restaurants. There are Continental, Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese as well as Traditional Indian dishes too. Also, you can choose from categorically like Starters, veg-Indian, non-veg Chinese, desert , full course meal to snacks.

All you need to select your food items and then we deliver on or before 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Also, we are working on delivering the Temple Prasad which we hope to accomplish soon.

What are the challenges in operating a food delivery business?

Like other business, food delivery also has witnessed  challenges one after another.

1) Restaurant tie-up: Like we said before, we made the partnership with 35 restaurants already, but we are facing challenges with that tie up the idea because we have noticed not all the people are advanced what supposed to be in this modern new era. Few restaurant owners mind is still lagged behind, they don’t want to take a step to make we dreamed “Digital India”. 

Another fact we came to know that few restaurants experienced in a bitter way. They are deceived by few online business company,

2) Delivery boy: We have already finished forming a backup team, as not all the delivery personnel are punctual. We are trying to motivate them as much as possible.

Our mission and vision

1.The People of Odisha can enjoy their favorite delicacies at their own home like other big cities.

2.As a small entrepreneur, we have started in our home town Bhubaneswar but our aspiration is to spread all over Odisha. We believe in coming days .’Hotpots is going to spread like a weed.

3.The People of Odisha should take the advantages of the introduction of the internet to save their money and time.

4.’Hotpots’ created jobs. More job means securing more individuals as well as their families which means we have added growth in the economy. Our vision makes our company bigger so that it could offer jobs to more people to bring a smile on their face.



Android app: bitly/hotpotsapp