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Featuring FireWings : Bhubaneswar based Startup promoting Drones in Legal Environment

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FIREWINGS is working towards excellence in manufacturing and research of UAV’s and drones and believe in pursuing business through innovation and technology. The UAV’s team has the skills and manufacturing capabilities to complete your next production or system or costume unmanned vehicle project . It is a young start-up made up of by a bunch of young entrepreneurs.

Article is sent to us by Abinash sahooo (entrepreneur & co-founder, Firewings)

Since Drone technology is not new for this generation but the implementation plays a vital role in the specific areas. For Odisha, it may be completely new, so we want the public proposal that will it be effective for their work or not ? Because public suggestion may lead us towards innovation.”

We have already demonstrated the following drones before various departments

  1. Police drone- cuttack-bhubameswar commissiomerate of police, odisha.
  2. medicoptor an ambulance drone – At Hi-tech medical campus.

For this they have Been awarded as

  1. Best product development award 2016
  2. Odisha Youth Innovation award 2016
  3. Digital India presents Digital trailblazers award 2016


Now we are working on a drone to monitor over urban areas, Which will send a live data of the specific area to Municipality office through a online secure séver. Which will help them to take appropriate action over that area and monitor the weok progress. Hope BMC will accept this.

As an real engineer and young innovator, we don’t believe in achieving the award , rather we believe in implementation of our products. So hereby this is my humble request to Govt. Of Odisha, that they should use these technology to improve the work effenciency, Which a real smart city needs.”


Here are the major industries that could be transformed by drones first.

National security and defense:-  

Coast guard survillence helicopters, airbase & Military base security, as well as small combing operations can be replaced by drones for better economical comforts.

Spying over enemy areas, collecting security data etc, drones can be used effectively.

Security and monitoring:-

Monitering large events like concerts,parades and sporting events is extremely expensive and requires a great deal of manpower. All available agents are deployed to monitor various routes and areas where there are security concerns. This strategy leaves many agents covering one single area, watching “nothing” happen. Drones also play a vital role in monitoring natural disasters,such as searching lives, sending live situation to ground station etc.

Police department:-

Augmenting ground teams with drones gives police departments a wider field of surveillance over a large area. Drones can zoom to area of interest,giving agents the ability to remotely assess a threat such as a suspicious package.

Bomb disposal unit:-

Today, bomb disposal enforcement units use ground base robots to investigate suspicious packages. Aerial drone can serve the same purpose. While drone can not touch or manipulate bombs,they can provide an initial assessment of the situation and rule out threats before resources are wasted or lives are lost.

Delivery and errands:-

Amazon may not be the only company to eventually use drones for carring every day items. Drones could be deployed to deliver items such as prescriptions, drugs from pharmacies,meals from restaurants and fooods from super market.

Journalism,Filmmaking and photography:-

At the Drone Journalism Lab at the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln, the students and professors already explored how drones could be used for reporting.


The Environmental Protection Agency is apparently already using drone technology to monitor livestock firms and some farmers are likely eventually begin using drone to manage agricultural crops.