Bhubaneswar Buzz

Bhubaneswar based startup proposes Health Card to PM Narendra Modi in recent NITI Aayog meeting of entrepreneurs

The next time you visit a health care facility or a physician, you will not need to carry all your diagnostic or path-lab reports but a small ATM-like card as all your health records will be stored digitally in that.

The Centre has entrusted a city-based start-up firm to carry out the job and issue the health cards to the citizens. The firm will issue the health card on a pilot basis in Bhubaneswar.

Later, it will extend the service to other parts of the state and the country.

Anyone can get the card by filling up a registration form available at health care centres including path-labs and diagnostic centres. The service will also be available online shortly. The data on the card will be stored either by the users or the health care centres.

“Users will have an online account linked with the health card. Path-lab reports and prescription would be uploaded on the account, which will be accessed by health care centres or diagnostic centres to know one’s medical history. This will help them treat the patients accordingly,” said Abanis Nayak, founder of the Swasthya National Health Identity Card Platform.

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