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VSSUT Burla students make Odisha’s first Student made low cost fully customizable open source 3D printer

VSSUT Burla has achieved new feat in the field of Innovation and Technology by creating Odisha’s first Student made low cost fully customizable open source 3D printer.  3D Printing creates three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Prototypes or models of new products, parts, or structures can be created through it.  Even the day to day life tools can be made easily through it, saving the pockets of common man and giving a boost to the economy. Barely a decade ago, 3D printers were bulky, expensive machines reserved for factories and well-heeled corporations. But that was until now. A group of students from Robotics  Society, VSSUT Burla were envisioned in creating the latest technical product  VSSUT 3D v.1.0 in low cost , to make affordable prosthetic hands, arms and legs for handicapped persons giving them a new hope. This would require less maintenance and provide comparatively good quality. This could even print 3D low weight gear parts and objects providing a new way of learning and implementing such products. Even in medical history, 3D printers have brought a revolution by introducing reconstruction of bones, implants and body parts.

If the last industrial revolution brought us mass production and the advent of economies of scale- the digital 3D printing revolution could bring mass manufacturing back a full circle- to an era of mass personalization, and a return to individual craftsmanship.

Robotics Society, VSSUT Burla has engraved its mark by creating a milestone towards globalisation and are working on upgrading it to have a miller and laser cutting machine along with the existing 3D printing.