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Rabana Podi episode 1 : Have you seen this beautifully made first web series of Odisha yet?


Jay Prakash Mishra, a retired Brigadier living all by himself in the city of cuttack writes an email to his grand son Jiten, asking him to be present at his residence in order to perform certain paper works regarding the ownership of his properties and possessions. Jiten, a software developer living in Bangalore has stayed away from his brigadier grand father for years, following a fall out between his mother and grandfather , post the demise of his father, Jayant Mishra. The episode OR-05 is all about the conflicts that Jiten undergoes. Does he accept the invitation and visits cuttack after years? Is he interested in the properties or wealth of a man who threw him and his mother out of the house? Or does he still feel for his roots, for the city, where he grew up, for the house that carries the memories of his late father? Watch to find out.