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An awesome video on travel to Mahendragiri : The second highest peak of Odisha, don’t miss


After feeling rejuvenated with the morning prayers at the monastery and a quick breakfast, we headed to our next destination, MAHENDRAGIRI.This is the 2nd highest peak of Odisha and lies at the border of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.Towering at a height of 1501 metres(4950 feet), the 9km hike(one way that is) to the peak is gruelling, not to mention treacherous in the monsoons.The view from the top is worth the climb and if you have a 4×4 then one can drive to the top as well.On top, there are the “Pandava temples” as well as a Shiv temple.Though this was not the season go, we were happy that we did, because the view from here was fantastic.We met a few of our biking buddies from BBSR R3OG group.We had a good time at the peak and made our way back to Cuttack by dinner. This was Day 2 of the weekend trip to Jirango-Mahendragiri-Cuttack. For a more detailed and informative guide to do this trip yourself please visit my blog by clicking here: