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Odisha Pattachitra workshops available in Mumbai to learn from Aug 18-20 by Pramod Kumar Maharana

Nestled amidst coconut and palm groves, Raghurajpur, a hamlet in Odisha’s Puri district, is home to master painters of Pattachitra, a traditional scroll art based on Hindu mythology said to have originated in the state back in 5 BCE. Among them, many artists also create Talapatrachitras (tala: palm, patra: leaf, chitra: drawing), spending hours etching needle-sharp fine drawings using natural colours on zig-zag folds of crisp yellow-green palm leaves, delicately strung together with threads. One such veteran artist is Pramod Kumar Maharana, who belongs to a family of accomplished chitrakars and has even demonstrated his craft in Europe. This weekend, he will introduce Mumbaikars to it through workshops organised by Heart For Art, a Pune-based charitable trust dedicated to improve livelihoods of rural artisans.

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