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For all fans of Eminent Author from Odisha Manoj Das : Susahityam comes to bhubaneswar book fair

Here is a good news for the book lovers of Bhubaneswar. Susahityam – a Bargarh (Odisha) based bibliophile is showcasing the complete collection of works of the bi-lingual author and legendary story teller Shri Manoj Das at the upcoming Bhubaneswar Book Fair.The special stall has all the classics of Odia literature. Morevover, the stall has a good collection of children’s books. Based on the recommendations of ardent readers “Susahityam” showcases choicest classics, best sellers and other popular titles.They have assigned a separate section to the spiritual literature of Sri Aurobindo as well. The netizens of Bhubaneswr may kindly avail the opportunity to buy and add to their collecton of books this season.