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Open letter to my dearest city bhubaneswar by shrestha nayak on occasion of Foundation Day 13th april

You have always been dear to me inspite of the fact that I moved and settled down in some other city in order to conquer my dreams.You know I had no other option beside doing this, all because of the circumstances.
I had spent almost 18years of my life here,that was indeed a golden period.You have seen me growing as a child,you have seen me as a silly teen girl who would do all stupid things only to get scolded by my parents later. You have also pampered me like my family members would do.Everything seemed to be so easy over here. But then everything changed when I moved into some other city and I had to be more responsible and more mature.Yet the child inside me always craved to visit you more often.You have also changed a lot,you are truly heading to be a more developed city and people have been expecting so much from you lately.Oh,and that’s the reason you have embraced so many cool hangout junctions and cafes in order to attract this generation of mine. So finally people would think twice before calling you boring,now you have so much to give to people. I have always got a feeling of resentment towards people who criticize you. I mean no city is absolutely perfect,I have seen the largest of the metropolitan cities holding the largest record of crimes against women or having the poorest sewage systems. And pity on those people who make worthless points on you but never come forward to do anything which would help you in becoming more better. You know I have always defended you when people over here would speak shit about you, completely being unaware of your uniqueness.People who have never visited you should definetly know  about you,explore you and I am sure they will fall in love with you.
I have travelled many places and have observed many cultures,but then I find you better than any other place.You are just unique in your own way,and that’s why I love you.You have preserved our own culture, although I have seen you trying to keep pace with the metropolitan culture. Just don’t,be the way you are.Being a developed city doesn’t mean that you totally have to transform yourself as some other city. I would always like to feel the tranquility and freshness I get from you. The peace of mind I get here is totally unmatchable to other places. You are the home to such mouth watering  cuisines and street food and this is the reason why my tummy remains full everytime I visit you.The non vegetarian dishes over here are worth cheating on my diet and no other city than match this charm. I miss those days where I would gorge onto such delicious food without gaining weight. Lol, you have also seen me as a slim teen girl before I moved away. Being tagged as the city of temples,you had always kept the spiritual and religious side alive in me.We are the people who would indulge ourselves in all the religious activities and at the same  time we would love to attack a whole plate of mutton and rice.Lets not call it hypocrisy,its just that we are religious and foodie at the same time.The festivals over here seem to be so colorful and lively.You definitely have more festivals than the months of the calendar and I feel glad that I have enjoyed all of them.All the festivals and special occasions seem incomplete without you.
Inspite of being  full of resources and rich in culture and history,you have never believed in showing off. You have always lived in a simple way and the people coming from you also go ahead to be simple with the bigger hearts and a higher self-esteem. Last but not the least, I would say that no matter where I go, you always deserve a place in my heart.I always look forward to come  to you and settle down forever. Love you and miss you always.
A Smart City girl! ❤