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Aigiri Nandini: shloka of Hindu Goddess Durga performed in fusion of Odissi and Chau Dance

Aigiri Nandini shloka of Hindu Goddess Durga and this is a short musical film based on fusion classical dance. This video is the fusion of 2 beautiful dance form of odisha , Odissi dance and Chau dance. We first time used purulia chau mask in mayurbhanj chau to make the visual extraordinary and enhance the beauty of the song. Our special mention are for two Dancers with mask Ashish Raj and Rose Lakra. This may look easy but it was impossibly hard to shoot this video. Big heavy mask had only small hole to see round and it was too difficult for dancer to breath from inside. we shot this video 45 degree heat in the month of May and thick synthetic costumes making dancers paranoid. we had to wait for 20 minute in every take every time. Special thanks to people of Nijagada for supporting us for shooting. Where this video is shot in Madhukeswar temple near banamalipur, 22km from bhubaneswar.

concept & choreographed by Pallavi Das

directed by Biren Jyoti Mohanty

performed by Pallavi Das, Rose Lakra, Ashish Raj

singer Juhi Mahagaye

song arranged by Navin Jawdaa

mask designed by Dilip Mohanta

production Nageshwar Si, Ajit Bindhani costume by Swadhin Tailor