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Watch out this trailer for Sambalpuri Weavers A Documentary Film


Sambalpuri Weavers – a new documentary film by Abhinash Pradhan and his team. This film reveals the story behind the Sambalpuri traditional handwoven fabric and the man behind it, their power to change their world.

To make this film, concept & director Abhinash Pradhan spent time with his friends and they have decided to make a documentary on the root of Sambalpuri fabric weaving. “Not only this documentary an important film to watch but also we hope, it will help inspire future movements of the weavers life, develop their strategies and achive their dreams ” said the director Abhinash Pradhan. “No one has been paid to make this film, we’re simply covering tha value of Sambalpuri weavers right now. We’ve begged and borrowed but not stolen to get this stage”, said the Associate director & Creative co-ordinator Debasish Mohapatra.

Whole team of this 20 minutes movie are journalism and mass communication students. Both Abhinash Pradhan and Debasish are from Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar and Ashutosh Pattanaik from Biju Patnaik Film and Television Institute of Odisha, Cuttack (BPFTIO).

The documentary film screened at World Cinema Day in BPFTIO, Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) at Puri 2017, Birla Global University (BGU) Cast & Crew: Concept & Direction : Abhinash Pradhan Associate Director & Creative Co-Ordinator : Debasish Mohapatra Cinematographer : Ashutosh Pattanaik Associate Cinematographer : Divyalok Sinha Editor : Saroj Roul & Dikshya Sinha Graphic Designer : Nayan Agarwal Photography : BrajaBandhu Behera Subtitle : Amrit Kumar Munda Producer : Triban Pradhan, Ramesh Kumar Mohapatra, Kalpana Sahu, Amrit Kumar Munda Co – Producer : Challa Prabhakar, Debasis Mohapatra, Rajendra Nayak, Mahesh Bagarti