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Originally from bhubaneswar, Nora is an active youtuber, check her video on keeping kids safe from Child Predators


Learn about Good touch Bad touch. In this video, we learn strategies to train our kids so that they are safe from Sexual Predators. Our kids are under attack from Child Predators and Sex Offender whenever my child leaves the safety of our house I fear for his life. Strategies to keep our kids safe: 1. Password Protect our Kids: 0:21 2. Stranger Danger: 0:21 3. Good Touch Bad Touch: 1:08 4. Say “NO” to strangers: 2:59 5. Elevator Escape: 4:35 Parenting is as tough as it is rewarding. I am the Mother of a Handsome 5 years old, who love to enjoy life. I am passionate about raising children the correct way and not handing them a mobile phone when things get tough. Although, I do admit that I slip up from time to time. So, join me for Parenting Tips and Tricks that will make your journey into Motherhood enjoyable and fruitful.