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Introducing Cryosis by Siddhant Mishra and Sangeet from Odisha whose latest song ‘Poison’ made debut on New York City based dance label Spotted Records

Cryosis is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Siddhant Mishra and Sangeet Patnaik, and vocalist Aakanksha Hejmadi. Siddhant & Sangeet were in the Odisha Rock Music scene back in 2010 – 2014. Sangeet played in a band called ‘Sweet Poison’ and later with ‘Stranzers’, both bands of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar. Siddhant used to play in a band called ‘Ingredientz’. Siddhant and Sangeet met through mutual friends during their music exploration in Odisha.

Siddhant was studying Sound Design & Recording from Whislting Woods International and Sangeet was studying Music Production in The True School of Music, Mumbai when they established. They quickly established themselves as a top music writing team working on 200+ projects, creating TV themes, scores and compositions for world famous brands such as Mercedes, MTV, and BMW, to name just a few. However, their deepest musical passions lay in pop-infused dance music, which led to their first EP “Emotions.” After vocalist Aakanksha collaborated with them on one of the tracks, they became inspired by her unique talent, and with the addition of Aakanksha, Cryosis was born.

Cryosis were first discovered at the ADE Mumbai demo listening session, and by the following year’s ADE, they won the prestigious ADE “Demolition Panel,” chosen as the best demo in all of ADE Mumbai. Following their win, the three spent the next year honing their sound in the studio, and creating a cohesive catalogue of songs which transcend ordinary dance music. Combining Aakanksha’s singer-songwriter sensibilities and Siddhant and Sangeet’s pop-dance production and instrumentation, ‘Poison’ blends powerful vocals with emotive, driving orchestration. They are now ready to start their next phase and stand to be the first band from India to cross over popular and dance music on a world-wide level.

Siddhant says – “The idea behind ‘Poison’ was to come up with an alternative/dance-pop driven sound that captured the nuances of Aakanksha’s vocals and the cinematic imagery created by the lyrics. It’s very important to powerfully emote what the song has to say and I believe we’ve done just that with the song ”

Sangeet says – “Poison is a perfect combination of a pop music’s holistic approach to songwriting and modern dance music production. The lyrics, the melody and the arrangement give out different vibes, yet achieve equilibrium when combined together, marking the foundation of the ‘Cryosis’ sound. “

Aakanksha says – “My initial inspiration for Poison was simple – nobody is without error, but acknowledgement and acceptance are essential for the world we live in today. We’re not perfect, and we’re okay with it.”