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Amme Bhubaneswariya : An Awesome depiction everything you can relate to in Bhubaneswar, don’t miss


‘Amme Bhubaneswariya’ is a song celebrating Bhubaneswar city, also known as the city of temples.
In a city that is as pleasant and charming as Bhubaneswar, there is a lot to explore & experience that goes much beyond the often laid-back & traditional persona of people here. From the unforgettable gastronomic experiences at Master Canteen or Ram Mandir Square to breathtaking scenic spots around the city and its no-rush life, there is just plenty to keep everyone delighted in the city!

Enjoy the song!

Credits :

Production – Livera Media Private Limited []
Executive Producer – Sumeet Singh Thakur, Biswa Ranjan Bakshi
Song Name – Amme Bhubaneswariya
Music Director – Nazia Alam
Music Arrangement – Bibhuti Bhushan Gadnayak
Singer – Nazia Alam,Satyajit Pradhan
Lyric – Bhardwaj Panda
Director – Nandita Anand
Assitant Director – Vijay Parth Jena
Cinematography – Priyank Sharma & Vishal Bawa
Colorist – Vishal Bawa
Editor – Sidharth Patnaik
Cast – Meera Das, Gunjan Dance Group , Prakuti Mishra , Srikant Goutam & amazing people of Bhubaneswar
Recorded –
Digital studio(Acharya vihar bbsr)
Sound recordist: Smruti
Milan studio(cuttack)
Sound recordist: Milan
Musicians –
1.Iraj Rath -keyboard
2.Guru Dhaneshwar swain -Mardala
3.Ajay Chowdhury- Tabla,Dholak,khol & percussion
4.Abhiram Nanda-flute
5.Dichen Nayak- Guitar


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