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Two distant temples in Jammu and Odisha are built on similar principles! Heard about it yet?

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An ancient temple complex in a remote Jammu village speaks the same architectural language of an aeons old temple 2,000 miles away in Odisha. This similarity between the two regions transcended thousands of miles in an age where trains or planes weren’t even conceived. A peek into history reveals what connected the two.

Ancient temples of Krimchi built in 9th to 10th century A.D. are located 10 km away from Udhmapur, a town nestled in the Himalayas in Jammu. The temples were constructed in Indo-Aryan style and according to noted historian, Prof. Anita Billawaria, are significant for being located on an ancient trade route from Jammu to Kashmir.

“They are believed to be built by Raja Kichak, a contemporary of Pandavas of Mahabharata. The temples are built in old Nagara style which means it consists of five essential parts i.e. Garbagrihaor Mandoverwhere the idol of the Deity is kept. Antrala where the door of Garabgriha opens. Mahamandapa or Goormandapa before Antrala where pillars are provided. Ardhmandapa before Mahamandapa and smaller in size,” Prof. Anita told NTD India.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Nagara architecture is further classified into three types: Odisha school, Khajuraho school and Solanki school.

The temples in Jammu are based on the Odisha school which is considerably far away in location when compared to Khajuraho or Gujarat and Rajasthan where Solanki architecture nestles.

“These group of temples resemble Baij Nath, Lingraj, Parshurameshwar temple of Bhubaneshwar, Bharmour Shiva temples and Chamba temple,” explained Prof. Anita who has been instrumental in setting up the Centre for History and Culture of Jammu and Ladakh region at the university of Jammu.

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Two distant temples in Jammu and Odisha are built on similar principles! Indicate India’s civilization wisdom!