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Raghurajpur International Art and Culture exchange program announces dates for Residency in 2017

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The Raghurajpur International Art/Culture Exchange (RIA/CE) is an opportunity for contemporary, conceptual ,modern ,performing artists and all art lovers  to exchange ideas and skills with the traditional craftspeople of Odisha, India.
During the 5-week exchange, artists from around the world will have the opportunity to study with master craftsmen and learn traditional skills such as Palm leaf carving ,Stone and Wood carving, Pata Chitra and Tassar Painting, Dhokra (Tribal metal casting), Coir (coconut straw) toy making, Paper Maché mask making, Ganjapa playing card making, 64 drawings of erotica  and Cow dung toy making. Performing artists as well can revel in classical dance forms such as as Gotipua, Odisi, and folk forms like Naga, Durga, Horse (chaiti ghoda) dancing, fire dancing (paika akhada) is also covered.
This vast knowledge and these traditional skills can be incorporated into an individual’s practice producing contemporary artwork that addresses concerns with deconstructed forms of traditional craft. It is transformative. In exchange, the international artists will share their ideas about art with the villagers, who can also benefit from this exchange and have it inform their traditional art.
Artworks will be displayed and present the creative results of this artistic exchange. Interaction and collaboration is encouraged. Raghurajpur includes numerous spaces for exhibiting and performing including an outdoor amphitheatre, a gallery space, a river, ponds, the jungle, and groves of ancient trees.
Moreover, there will be artist forums during the evenings where all guests will be invited to give presentations describing their studio practice, the concerns being addressed and professional exhibitions. To be able to gather, hear and discuss with artists from around the world is an incredibly enlivening and enriching experience.
In this five week exchange program Artists will get chance to enjoy beautiful rural village life as like catching fish from river ,farming vegetables ,swimming ,celebrating festival and traditional dress & food of Odisha .
Twenty  international artists will be selected to participate in RIA/CE .
The residency will conclude with an exhibition at a contemporary art gallery in the state’s capital, Bhubaneswar.

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