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Trailer of Bollywood movie by Odisha Director Nila Madhab Panda out now


This film directed by National Award winner Nila Madhab Panda of I am Kalam and Jalpari fame stars Saurabh Shukla, Gulshan Groverm Kunal Kapoor and Radhika Apte in
stellar roles.

The film has been produced by the international NGO – One Drop Foundation.

Kaun Kitne Paani Mein aims at raising awareness about the issue of
water and sanitation in India’s rural areas where 70% of the
population lives and where the problem is most pressing and is a story
about two villages, Upri and Bairi. Upri is a village nestled in the
hills and Bairi is at the base of the Hill Range although close to
each other in proximity, are poles apart in every other measure as of
water access and economic development. The people of Upri were like
royalty and they had used the people of Bairi as their employees. This
had made the people of Bairi skilled in their work and also become
good farmers. The people of Upri who assumed these good times would
remain never planned for a rainy day and lived a rich life splurging
on all the resources.

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