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Rasagola Dibasa on Niladri Bije – 30th July, attempt to popularize its origin from Odisha

Where did Rasagola originate from

If you answered- Odisha or Orissa, then full marks to you.

Many do not know the birthplace of the Rasagola. The popular perception is different.

On learning this, some get emotionally charged up, some others feel it is funny, while many disbelieve.

Actually, Rasagolas have been associated for centuries with the Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri in Odisha.

Lord Jagannath Himself offers Rasagolas to please His consort, Maa Laxmi.

On the last day of the Rath Yatra, called Niladri Bije, the Lord offers Rasagolas to Maa Laxmi to gain entrance into the Temple.

Thus, Niladri Bije is an important day of celebration – the last day of the Rath Yatra marks the entry of the Gods to the Temple after their trip. Also, Rasagola magic helps open the Temple’s gate for Lord Jagannath!

No doubt it’s a Sweet Yatra!

This is a special year as it is the year of the Nabakalebara that is taking place after 19 years.

This year Niladri Bije is on July 30th.

We are celebrating this day as Rasagola Dibasa– a day dedicated to Rasagolas.

In Odia language, Dibasa means day.

#RasagolaDibasa means Rasagola Day.

#RasagolaDibasa is on July 30th!

We have celebrated #PakhalaDibasa on 20th March and #UtkalaDibasa on 1st April.

Now it’s time for #RasagolaDibasa! 

WHY we will celebrate #RasagolaDibasa this July 30th-

1. Celebrate Niladri Bije– the centuries-old Puri Temple custom and the ritual of Lord Jagannath!

2. Celebrate sweetness! The sweetness of Rasagolas bridges barriers between the Lord and His wife!

With Rasagolas, we can befriend even enemies!

Rasagola Dibasa

3. Improve the IQ! Now is the time to correct the wrong notion by informing everyone and 

    spreading awareness that-

    The birthplace of Rasagola is Odisha. Rasagolas originated in Odisha.

Image courtesy.

5. Variety is the Spice of life! Get to taste a large variety and get introduced to more types and tastes of Rasagolas!

In Odisha, there are a mind-boggling varieties of Rasagolas – there are variations in the name, shape and colour depending on the place of origin.

If the Government or private organizations set up Rasagola stalls in Melas/Fairs, everyone can get to taste or sample a large variety in one place!

I can add more reasons, but #Rasagola itself is the main reason for #RasagolaDibasa as it’s the sweet attraction! 

#RasagolaDibasa is a valid reason for us to savour Rasagolas!

This delicious ‘King of Sweets’ deserves a day for it!  

And Odisha certainly deserves credit for this sweet.

Looking forward to celebrate the maiden #RasagolaDibasa this July 30th.

Thereafter, we’ll be celebrating the same date as #RasagolaDibasa every year.

Only when people are informed, they will be aware and can participate in the celebration.

Mark your calendar for July 30th!

Author: Anita

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