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Did you know why Tribals in Koraput Odisha prefer to eat Red Ants and their eggs?

pic courtesy: Telegraph

Tribal people are known for their unique culture, lifestyle and food habits.

Boipariguda is 45 kilometres from Koraput. The tribals livings here eat red ants and their eggs believing they have medicinal benefits.

During this time of the year, these people eat red ants found in leaves and nodes of the branches of big trees inside the forest. These ants are locally known as kai and tapang and build hives ( kai puda) on tall trees to lay eggs.

“We have been eating red ants and their eggs for generations. Consuming red ants cures acidity and enhances eyesight and its eggs helps to keep the body cool and prevents sunstroke,” said Sukra Durua, a tribal healer of Siribeda village in the block.

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