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Know more about the Rekha Panchami Ritual of Lord Jagannath in Puri Temple

“Bidyapatescha Kulajaatasthaa Biswabasu Priya
Ete Gatwa Tu Debaanan Swarnarekhaadika Drutan”

This means the descendants of Vidyapati and Biswabasu will go and adorn the faces of the deities with golden Rahurekhas of 3 fingers width.

Rahurekha Lagi of the deities is done on Bhaadraba Krushnapakhya Panchami.The sides of the faces of the deities are adorned with line shaped golden Rahurekha.

On this day after Gopalaballabha Bhoga,Tadhau Karana and Deulakarana ask Bhandara Mekapa to bring out the gold Rahurekhas.The Bania sevaks of Shrimandir clean them near Beherana Dwara.

After Bhogamandapa,Palia Pratihari closes the Jaya Bijaya Dwara.After that the Palia Pushpalaks undress the Jhoba Kanthi of the deities.Sudha Suara sevaks keep Osua(Resin) and Boirani clothes near the Singhasan.The Bania (Goldsmith) Sevaks keep the Rahurekhas on the Boirani clothes and seal their openings using Osua.After that Palia Khuntia sevak calls the Daitas and Pati Mohapatra.The Daitas wash their hands and feet at Beherana Dwara and climb the Singhasan and take responsibility of Sri Anga from the Palia Mekapa after washing hands with Hatuani.

Palia Mekapa first gives the Rahurekha of Balabhadra to Pati Mohapatra.He ritually purifies them and hands them over to the Badagrahi Daitas.The Daita sevaks use Osua and a piece of cloth which is provided by Chaangada Mekap to tie the Rahurekha to the faces of the deities.After that hand over the responsibility of Sri Anga to Palia Mekapa.
In between the gems on the Chita are also checked twice .

After that Garbhagruha is cleaned and Pujapanda sevaks conduct Mahasnana.After that Mahajan sevaks bring back Bhudebi and Sridebi from Khataseja Ghara to the Singhasan.After that Mailam and Besha are done.Then Madhyanna Dhupa rituals commmence.After completion of the Dhupa,Pujapanda Pati Mohapatra and Mudirasta conduct Bandapana near Balabhadra Subhadra and Jagannath respectively.