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How Nice is the Cycle Ride to Jhumuka Dam from city : by We All Ride Bicycle

Piyush Ranjan Rout who champions cycling every weekend in the city rode to Jhumuka Dam last weekend, here is what his experience was:

Today Morning we rode to Western outskirts of Bhubaneswar into Jhumuka Dam built during 1970s is still one of the finest place to witness Blue Water and enjoy Natural Beauty along with listening to the tune of natural music created by Water and Birds around. It was an interesting winter morning ride that anyone could able to do with family as outing using vehicles etc by taking the road from Khandagiri to Chandaka, then take left towards Khurda for near about 10km where you will get village Kantei and then Right turn into the village and then take right turn for a while and then again right turn (Here Ask Local People to Guide You). Those who plan to go by Cyle avoid Chandaka Road and use the road parallel to it from Ghatikia to enjoy natural beauty and avoid vehicles.