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Always wanted to see an awesome trailer of Odia movie? Don’t miss Antarleena


“ANTARLEENA” is a feature film based on AUTISM. Produced by Alina Samal , Directed by Manas Sahoo . Cinematography Subhendu Ghadei, Music sudeep Prabhu , Colorist -Biswajeet ,Edited by jyotiprakash

The film – Antarleena – is the journal of an autistic person that portrays the struggles he face in life. People with autism have to face a lot of struggles to lead a normal life such as acceptance from the society and the treatment meted out to them. This attempt was to let people understand the inner world of an autistic person and encourage viewers to recognize them.

Director Manas Sahoo has his own production house Maskman Films. His The Tale of Kol Lohar won the State Film Award for best film and best director in 2014.